Our Wine
Recioto Classico
This wine, originated by Veronese wineproducers owes its
name to the dialect word “Recia” (ear), outer
part of the bunch of grapes (the parts most exposed to
the sun). It is the product of careful processing and it begins
with the selection during the grape-harvest and ends
in February with the pressing of the grapes that have been
carefully conserved in the fruit house (lofts).
This wine remains in tonneaux for about 10/12 months.
GRAPES: Corvina 65%, Rondinella 30%, other autochthonous grapes 5%.
COLOUR: dark ruby red (garnet red when matured).
AROMA: intense, slightly fruit and spicy.
FLAVOUR: warm, sweet, full-toned, velvety and harmonious.
SERVING SUGGESTIONS: ideal with short crust pastry, with fruits of the forest or even, with chocolate or spicy cheese or … on it's own!.
SERVING CONDITIONS: room temperature (indicat. 16°).
ALCOHOL: 13,5/14% vol.
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