Our Wine
Tigiolo Igt
Tigiolo is an Igt red wine (Tipical Geografic Identification),
obtained from the drying of grapes that have been left to rest during the months of September and October.
Is the new generation’s wine and owes its name to its producers (Tiliana Giordano Lorenzo). It is refined for about 24 month in tonneaux and then in bottles.
GRAPES: Corvina 45% Cabernet s. 45% Rondinella 5% Merlot 5%.
COLOUR: dark ruby red (garnet when it is matured).
AROMA: intense and spicy.
FLAVOUR: soft and dry.
SERVING SUGGESTIONS: ideal with many mains expecially if they contain red meat.
SERVING CONDITIONS: at a temperature of about 18/20° C.
ALCOHOL: 14,5% vol.
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